Vagabond Travel Music

Vagabond Travel Music

The art of music, combining sound and lyrics, has been used by rogues, muses, and many drifters around the world to describe their adventures. For this reason, for most vagabonds, music plays an important role in their lives. Using sounds and stories that can travel through time, is instrumental for weary drifters, the music created can be used to uplift even the loneliest trip.

For roaming vagabonds, great music can help the traveler’s long journey go by a bit quicker and enhance their adventure. A good tempo will always add some momentum to the spirit and faith of a long journey. There can be different types of music for different types of trips; a long sad journey can be uplifted by adding favourite music that fills the soul with positive notions. The traveller will sometimes find themselves in tune with the beat of the music and even entranced in the stories told in the songs. The more creative vagabond will sometimes discover a new song to write and even sing about their own adventures.

How to create a good travel music playlist

· Start off by looking at your own collection. Sort through all the song titles and artists from your collection and find music written and played specific to destinations, travel, and tempo. A few songs for example are “Going Mobile” by The Who, “Drive” by Blind Mellon, “Jet Airliner” by The Steve Miller Band…

· Take the list of songs and add them together in a play list. This is done depending on your source of music collection. If your using a computer this is easily done using a media player, if you have CDs or other old school technology, you will have to copy, burn, or record the specified songs onto its source .

· Once you have a playlist recorded, burned or copy, give it a cool name to label it. Use a theme related to travelling, such as “Vagabond Vocals”, “Gypsy Guitars”, or simply “My Travel Tunes”

· A good player such as a MP3 player, cassette player, CD player, DVD player, record player, will need to be carried with you on your trek. If you are walking or cycling, a portable player might be more convenient. Most cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles will have a player in them. The type of player is up to the specific vagabond…whether you are old school or up with technology that depends on the individual.

· Today a portable computer devise is ideal, it will not only play music, but also the modern vagabond can watch music videos and more. The portable computer may require a set of speakers for better sound quality and loudness.

· The musical travellers can play their own music using the instrument of their preference or just use their wonderful voices. The preferred instruments for travellers are, like the music players, the portable types such as harmonicas, spoons, guitars, trumpets, whatever pleases the musician at heart.

When roving around, good tunes help the bad and irrelevant news from being heard..Turn on the Vagabonding Music and have a good trip!

Everyone has their own taste in music and there is a large variety of it to choose from. This music has been chosen by theme related to travel and destination.

Dan ‘The Gypsy Dad’ Sauve vagabonding story can be found at For more resources on traveling the vagabond way, visit

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Music Travel and Tourism

Music Travel and Tourism

At present, music tourism is yet to be clearly defined as a distinct area within the tourism industry and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) does not yet offer any guidelines to what constitutes a music tourist. But what is clear, however, is that it is a growing subset of what is becoming known as cultural tourism and that it has already become big business.

Music Tourism can apply to all genres of music from Classical to Celtic and to all countries from Britain to the Balkans and to satisfy this growing demand a music tourism industry is forming consisting of specialist music tour operators and general tour operators offering music tours. These tours are pitched at people of all ages from all backgrounds offering music holidays to inspiring and historic locations mostly during summer period.

In the US, some cities are now basing their entire tourist profile on their music heritage, particularly in the Deep South where locations such as Beale Street and Graceland proudly boast their involvement in the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. In Europe however, it is music festivals that dominate with events such as Glastonbury attracting enormous audiences as the UK’s live music scene continues to flourish. In all these famous destinations the effect of music tourism is to stimulate the local economy by drawing in large, often wealthy, audiences and with this comes a big injection of cash into the local economy.

In a recent speech the Minister of Tourism for Ghana, Mrs. Juliana Azumah-Mensah, proposed using Ghanaian music as the back bone to promote tourism in the country. It is her belief that music can play a vital role in promoting tourism as she believes the trend in tourism is moving away from mass tourism to niche tourism such as music tourism. But this in turn raises questions. As the US turns its music tourism locations into commercial theme parks and European festivals get swamped by corporate sponsorship, is it really possible to promote a ‘niche’ music while still retaining an authentic experience? And what will happen to Ghana’s music if it becomes tampered with for tourism?

Given the enormous economic drive to develop in countries such as Ghana, it appears that music tourism can definitely be expected to rise in prominence in the near future. For the time being however, if you wish to explore the world through music try Songlines Music Travel for the best in  Music Tourism and Festival Travel. Songlines offer small group tours 10-20 to the pick of world music destinations accompanied by expert tour guides to give you the ultimate music travel experience.

Tim Jim founded Rec-Ignition Online Music Marketing in 2006 and has so far played a major role in conceiving and executing the online marketing campaigns behind ‘The Very Best of Ethiopiques’ (Union Square Music), ‘Nigeria Special’ (Soundway Records), and ‘Brazilian Beats Boxset’ (Mr Bongo).

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