What are the best virtual assistant jobs you can do?


As mentioned in the previous post, there are many areas where virtual assistants from administrative, creative, technical special areas can focus and so we look for more details about them here. Listed below are some of the best virtual assistant jobs done today, basically focusing on those that can usually be done by newcomers to the online working community.

1. Secretariat Task

These are done remotely online, including the necessary administrative duties, file management, data entry, contact and update and management of customer lists. You can also arrange calendar or schedule management such as securing appointments, booking flights, hotel stays and other necessary travel arrangements for your clients. Basic reports are included here like other forms of slide presentation creation or data presentation.

2. Email and customer management

Almost all businesses involved with electronic communications require organizing emails, filtering for spam, setting up autocomplete, and more. Quick response to customer emails (chat support), follow-up with customers, and basic customer service relationships are essential for sending group emails and newsletters.

3. Content management

This means researching online on specific topics to create your client’s blog or to create your own. You can manage a blog and publish your clients or your posts in it. This is a great job for a virtual assistant who has a penchant for reading and diligent writing.

4. Copy

This is very common for search engines to need to copy video and audio files for reasons such as improving your searchability or enabling people to watch your video in a sound-resistant environment. This is a step in the right direction for deaf and hard of hearing people.

5. Social media management

The other aspect that every business should take part in is the presence of social media. So, setting up social media accounts, managing and updating them and reaching out to social media requires a lot of work.

6. Basic graphic designing and video marketing

Some easy-to-use software or web-based tools are available for these tasks specifically designed for easy access. Basically all you need is to have an eye on design and artistic or creative thinking

Other examples of special fields:

Programming and website development

Search engine optimization

Advanced graphic designing and editing

Advanced video marketing

Social media marketing


Online teaching

Lastly, when it comes to finding out what works best for you, it’s important to self-check. Learn where you are best and keep up the good content. And if you’re developing new skills in an area where you have potential development, make it a definite end goal (it makes sense to adjust your lifestyle until you do it often). Exploring more and more skills sounds very interesting but always be sure to weigh your abilities. Jumping into the fields quickly may not be a better option than carefully choosing which areas you will invest your time in (slowing down is perfectly fine). Practice studying yourself because only you can determine if you are successful in your endeavors.