The best site for cheap flights – and you get free accommodation after booking there!


Let’s be sincere from the beginning. Readers always want details. Readers are always tired of articles where 5 possibilities are suggested and some general directions are given … useless! Let’s search for the right information.

There are many promotional sites and only a few of them really return anything. Forget the original engines, they are just useless, even if many books ask you to book planes there. Do you want to know why Because these guys are approved with these programs, and even if they know that the planes there are not the cheapest, they will tell you that they are.

Unfortunately this game is not effective, because where people finally discover the real cheap flights, so I must tell you to keep away from there. Anyway, let’s get to the real meat. It’s a place that’s probably already known to a lot of people, but many more are afraid to enter. The name Sky Auction and it applies to hotels all over the world and only to residents of the United States and Canada for flights and various vacation packages.

The funny thing about this site is that airlines, hotels and many more travel agencies give them a small amount of space, usually those that are expected to be empty at the scheduled time and let them sell at auction.

You arrive at the site and find flights to cross the Atlantic for 1 for and similar impressive prices. Don’t get me wrong, this means that the bid deadline is still far away and no one has placed a bid. But at the same time it reminds you that if the option you are looking for is not demanded too much then you will have a chance to get it at a lower price than usual.

Yesterday I saw that during a day stay in any hotel in the world I had to go to a man who had placed a 101 bid. The accommodation was going to be a 4 star hotel. Some of the taxes here were meant as 195 ing, but together with the prize it comes with a voucher of 100 of for any 1 year flight. In the end, 101 + 195 – 100 = 196.

And when I say all this tell you to forget about it. Do you know why Because there is another clever way to get the same hotel but at just ১৪ 140 and at the same time with your flights you can save a lot more than done in any other way.

Fortunately, the site Sky Auction is part of an internet shopping mall where you can register for free, shop up to 200 shops and receive free accommodation at 4-star hotels worldwide for 4 stars. All you have to pay is the tax and the redemption fee, which is about $ 140 as mentioned earlier.

So, until the end, the strategy is to register on this site, book your flights an average of 40% discounted tickets and automatically arrange your 7 nights accommodation for this 0% discounted price.