Loch Fascali in Pitlochari


A dam was built in the Tummel valley by the Hudo scheme, Loch Fascali was created; There is a power station at the base of the dam. Since the Tummel / Tae rivers are important for annual salmon migration and spanning, the dam has a fish staircase and a public viewing gallery – through which people can see 5400 salmon climbing the dam annually. There are more than 30 pools on the fish stairs and three large pools that rest the fish during their journey.

The dam is to generate electricity in the Grampian Mountains region between Loch Erct, Loch Rannoch and Loch Tummel in Holland Perthshire.

Loch Fascali is about 2 miles long, it is about 800 yards narrow. Located amid steep wooden hills, the lock is well sheltered from the Scottish climate. Bank fishing is difficult and the use of boats for elastic fishing is recommended.

The water holds a good head of brown trout, sea trout, salmon, summer grills and pike, the largest of which catches more than 30lb.

Fascali Boat Boat Station, located at the northern end of Pitlacherry on the edge of Lauch, is accessible by car and has ample parking. Boats are available for rent – with or without engines – and fishing tackles and equipment are also available to buy or rent. The cafটি at the Boat Boat Station also offers delicious home-made rents – perfect for a long day at the loofah. There are also some great areas to walk around in the vicinity of the Boat Boating Station, a walk around Loch Fascley can be domed in about 1.5 hours.

The nearest hotel to the Pitlochari Boat Center is the Green Park Hotel in Pitlochari. Located on the shores of Loch and just a 5 minute walk from the boat rental