The popularity of night golf

The footsteps are funny, but the novel glows in a dark night golf ball. These balls are not some random novelty. An entire nightly golf industry was created around them. Swords are professionally made to allow you to play as realistically as possible. So because of these balls you and your buddies will be able to finish these last few rounds of golf by finishing a beer and ending these business conversations.

As I mentioned above, a whole night golf industry has been created over the years. You can purchase whole packages to customize your course for evening golf. The package consists of materials that allow the flagpoles to glow in the dark, illuminate to wrap golf wheels so everyone can see each other and of course glow in dark balls. These packages are great to use for golf tournaments. Golf tournaments are obviously a great way to get out of the company and have fun, but imagine how much more fun it would be if the tournament was held at night.

Wondering how the glow works in the dark for golf? In fact it is very simple. The manufacturers have made the ball from special materials that allow it to be transparent and it has a slot for a small glow stick that needs to be inserted into the golf ball. The balls have a standard dimple pattern and for all intense purposes hit the same as a standard golf ball. Sure, you won’t be playing with them in a PGA tournament, but for fun golf or for hours, they’re perfect!

The advantage of this design, where you place a small glow stick inside for a glow effect, is that you can play night golf anytime you want. You just replace the little glow wand with a new one. These sticks glow very cheaply, around 10-20’s. And each wand glow lasts about 6 hours. It all sounds pretty cheap and easy to enjoy night golf, right? Well it really is! So what are you waiting for; get up and play golf at night.

Several golf courses in our discount time golf network, the Golf18 network, have this type of golf. Some attend night golf regularly, while others do so for special occasions. Just scroll through our list of courses and see what you find.